Soulshine Cards – 36 South African Affirmation Cards


Soulshine Cards will always be my first love-job. They are a set of 36 South African Affirmation Cards.

I came up with the idea when I was a studying at Red and Yellow studying Art Direction and Graphic Design. It was an ode to South Africa and how incredibly proud I was to be South African. I went on a personal journey of writing and collecting things that I loved about South Africa. The cultures, the people, the colours, the shapes, the heart of Nelson Mandela, the music of Miriam Makeba, the words of Desmond Tutu.


Edited by Alex van Tonder.

I believe in them, I believe in the spirit and beauty of South Africa. I believe that if everyone used their time and talents that are our gifts we would be able to uplift and inspire others and in so doing build a strong nation based on Ubuntu.


Having been the first South African inspired Affirmation Cards a lot of opportunities arose for me as a young South African designer. Plascon, leaders in home paints featured Soulshine Cards as the inspiration for their 2011 Colour Forecast booklet they advertised online and in-store as the 32 colours inspired by love for the year 2011. It was a big honour to have colours I designed and copy I wrote as the inspiration for an entire range of interior paints.

An exert from Plascon’s website: “We reflect the culture and vibrancy of our urban environment with bold strokes of primary colour that excite and inspire. These vivid hues bring an energy into our homes, and a playfulness and a positive spirit with it. Focussed on the future, we are excited at the prospect of shaping our path through life, and the infinite possibilities that this brings.”

A Q & A feature on me in Plascon Spaces on my creative process as a Graphic Designer specialising in packaging and being the creator of Soulshine Cards.