Steri Stumpie

I’ve been given the opportunity to work on this South African legend three times. As a Junior Designer I was on the group that worked on the logo redesign, as a Middle Weight I was part of a pitch to bring it to a more exciting creative space, aligned with the new funky, quirky logo. Being my favourite school treat my relationship with this comforting milky drink deepened to having an understand to everyone having a favourite, everyone drinks it differently, it’s iconic bottle shape and that everyone has a special place for it’s stumpie disposition.


I presented a name change for the flavours, inspired by our 11 national languages, and our unique Funnygalore language that our foresaw could eventually could be used as a campaign or use for direct marketing drops.


I also created a pattern that could be used across the design, a celebration piece pulling out the variant and it’s journey as a South African legend 🙂