Women’s Day Just Design Gifting

May 23, 2020, Comments Off on Women’s Day Just Design Gifting

Just Design – a design agency in Stellenbosch briefed me to do a concept for Women’s Day. The brief was a proudly South African gift to give their female clients. The concept I came up with was a box of tea which opened with four sides of South African female legends. Each tea encompassed the…

Trooth Organic Baby Food

May 20, 2020, Comments Off on Trooth Organic Baby Food


Marmite Label

March 29, 2018, Comments Off on Marmite Label

I’m a complete sucker for iconic South African brands that I grew up with. Having been part of Steri Stumpie’s rebrand I have had my share of wins. So when I found out Marmite was having a label competition I decided to do it just for the jollies. I didn’t win anything… BUT I’m glad I did a…

Pam Golding IPA Award

February 6, 2018, Comments Off on Pam Golding IPA Award

  Pam Golding’s IPA Award comes along every year as it represents the Pam Golding and all it’s facets on an international platform. What I love most about the Awards is that you can go all out –  specialised box, branded ribbon, UV Gloss, Gold Foil, Emboss, Deboss (the works). It’s rare one gets the opportunity to do a…

Securex Soap

June 13, 2017, Comments Off on Securex Soap

Pam Golding Client Gifting

June 13, 2017, Comments Off on Pam Golding Client Gifting

Pam Golding Properties required a beautiful, sophisticated packaging solution to give their clients as a drop from their Real Estate Agents once they have settled into their house. Such a lovely touch! A selection of everyday household items packaged in a more gifting style. It’s always in the detail with brand experience.

Virtuous Pie Vegan Cheese

May 20, 2017, Comments Off on Virtuous Pie Vegan Cheese

Virtuous Pie is a Vegan restaurant founded in Vancouver, Canada by foodies Rob Milne and his sons – Ben & Alex.  Having had success in branching out with other restaurants in Canada with their delicious recipes and beautiful minimal interiors.  They decided to expand their delicious creations with two cheeses – Lemon Herb Chèvre and Tofu…

Pure Joy Juice

May 20, 2017, Comments Off on Pure Joy Juice

Steri Stumpie

May 20, 2017, Comments Off on Steri Stumpie

I’ve been given the opportunity to work on this South African legend three times. As a Junior Designer I was on the group that worked on the logo redesign, as a Middle Weight I was part of a pitch to bring it to a more exciting creative space, aligned with the new funky, quirky logo….

Maq Fabric Conditioner

May 20, 2017, Comments Off on Maq Fabric Conditioner